Premier Homecare Solutions London

“Excellent team of individuals to work with. I look forward to showing you how we grow the business due to your efforts and creativity. Oh and your patience teaching an old dog new tricks is much appreciated!”

Erin Davis – CHFI Morning

“The process was a breeze: Graymatter was patient, speedy, careful and cooperative. And the icing on the cake: when it launched, feedback was – get this – 100% positive (with many accolades). We couldn’t be happier – or prouder – and are grateful to have found and partnered with Graymatter.”

Denise Lester Dance Academy

“I could not love my new website more – all thanks to the professional staff at Graymatter Marketing. Their mixture and guiding and listening made me feel that I was part of the process, but at the same time receiving advice from professionals who know what works best.”

Adease Media Research

“It was a pleasure working with Graymatter. Their enthusiasm and love for what they do really makes a difference.”

Pranga & Co

“I’m particular and I know what I want. I created a new type of cufflink and I really needed a company that could see the potential of the concept and make it a reality. The team at Graymatter took the time to understand my needs and the challenges of my business. From configuring WordPress and various modules, to graphics design and PayPal integration Graymatter did it all for me. More importantly, they ensured that I was happy with the results making changes even after the last bill was paid. I would highly recommend them, specially if you’re a particular client like me.”